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Wordpress or WIX?

So I am currently working on a website transition for a local non-profit and also looking in to some website revitalization for a local real estate agent. Never have I learned so quickly the differences, pros and cons between WIX and Wordpress. Comment 1 - WIX needs to step up its game when it comes to serving the real estate sector. Only a few design themes are provided and non provide a link to IDX. All housing info needs to be added manually. Completely unacceptable. At this time there is only one real estate app available and it's pretty limited. Comment 2 - The Wordpress editor is incredibly inflexible from a design perspective. Themes lock you in to text choices, blocks lock you in to size choices, which reminds me that it's just hard to transition a platform designed for blogging into a full fledged web design platform.The lack of design control takes what would be maybe a half an hour of effort in WIX to literally hours. Love to hear your thoughts or suggestions.

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